Celeste Is One Of A Kind

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You'll Make The Right Choice With Me

There are no other escorts Las Vegas has to offer that are hotter than me. I know you have been searching for a while and now that you see perfection, you know that I am what you have been searching for. As soon as you book your time with me, I can prove that you made the right choice.

My name is Celeste and now that that’s all out of the way, let me tell you why I’m the best of all the escorts Las Vegas has. You’ve seen my pics so you know that I’m hot and you want to touch me. My skin is as soft as it looks and I do taste good if I say so myself. I’m petite and I love it. I love to get on the dance floor and feel a man’s hands on my tiny waist as we dance and grind the night away. I love to feel small next to a man. It’s sexy and I act accordingly.

I Bring Pleasure To My Guests

There aren’t many escorts Las Vegas has to offer that will dedicate their time to their guests the way that I do. I am a natural sub for my guests and don’t mind if they take advantage of that. There are no situations that are hard for me to adjust to. I don’t care about others not understanding what they see. I get my pleasure from bringing pleasure to my guests. That is what a good girl does and that is what makes me the best of all the escorts Las Vegas has thrown at people.

I also don’t mind seeing couples when they come to town. That is so hot. I love to know that I am adding a bit of forbidden piece of excitement to their relationship. I get these couples together and teach them how to pleasure one another. I teach them how to look for ways to bring ultimate pleasure to their partner. To be honest, it turns me on to know that seeing me with their partner turns them on. It’s all done for pleasure and love. I love it. When I get couples as my guests, we do what they both want to do. If the wife/girlfriend wants to go clubbing, we club and end the night with what the husband/boyfriend wants to do. Sometimes we all stay in and do a group cuddle. I love the feeling of having both sets of eyes all over me. I adore the soft curves of a woman and the hard body of a man. It’s delicious. My guilty secret: I think that I get more pleasure from it than my guests do. My willing to bring total pleasure and leave them with memories makes me the best of all the escorts Las Vegas has to offer.

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