Robin The Arm Candy You'll Come Back For

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I'll Make Sure Your Time in Vegas Is Spent Right

My name is Robin, but I'm more like Batmans' side kick than the bird. I am here to save your night in Las Vegas with my truly super human escort services! I might be a stunning blonde with incredible eyes and a body to die for, but at heart I am a bit of a tomboy. I love to show a lady a great time while they are in Las Vegas, and I know that sometimes that means being a little bit more of the man. Not that I am a man, I am very much a lady, but I will definitely be whatever kind of date you want me to be while you are in Las Vegas. Not many ladies go for Las Vegas escorts, but when you meet me you will be referring me to your friends and visiting me every time you come back to Las Vegas. A Las Vegas escort is a great way to have a good time while you are in Vegas, even if you are a lady!  

I am more than happy to go out or stay in with you. A lot of women like to start slow on their first time with an escort service, and I will happily give you a relaxing massage in your hotel room before we head out for the night. My soft hands will feel great against your body, but they are also strong enough to make your body feel great. Las Vegas escorts are not pretty faces, we are here to truly help you relax, otherwise you wouldn't have come in with an escort service!

Who Wouldn't Want A Private Stripper Show?

If we go out I love to dance and will look great moving and shaking alongside you. If you want me to be the pretty Las Vegas escort I will gladly grind up and down your body, treating you like a stripper pole and getting you nice and hot. If you want to be more the star I can also be the pole, feeling your groovy moves all up against my body. I love dancing with my dates, it is one of my favorite things to do as an escort in Las Vegas. There are so many fantastic clubs for us to party at, you will have a blast I swear! I will make all of your male and lady friends jealous and if we go to dinner all eyes will be on us. I love to feed my dates, I think it's really sexy to share food and I am very affectionate, which you will love.

All in all you can't go wrong with me as your escort in Las Vegas. I will be your dream date, easing you in to the escort service with kind gentle hands that will give you everything you could want. I love ladies and want to inspire more to have great dates while they are in Las Vegas! Las Vegas Escorts are NOT just for men, and I will prove that to you! Come and play with me ladies, we will have so so much fun!