Veronica Loves Spending Evenings Alone

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A Hot Escort With A Reputation

Well hello there. I’m Veronica, and in case you haven’t heard, I have a reputation around here for being a very classy Las Vegas escort. As you can see, I’m sultry and dark-skinned and just the right age to have a lot of experience keeping my clients happy. At least, that’s what my clients tell me after I blow their minds with my skills. Whatever you want to do is just fine with me. I was born in Las Vegas and have worked for an escort service for a long, long time, so I know all the ins and outs of this town. We can go wherever you want, or I can take you to the best places around and get us in behind the velvet rope.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re here for business or pleasure; I’ll make sure this is a trip that you’ll never forget. People tell me that I’m a cool and casual person and that they really enjoy having me around to talk to. I love fishing, swimming, long walks, and especially cooking. I love to cook for my clients and give them the feeling of a real woman who wants to take care of their needs. The only thing I love more than cooking is giving stripteases. I love to lay a man down and slowly take off my bra one strap at a time. I love watching the smile on his face as he imagines...well, I’ll let you be creative. :p

Book Two Of Us, Let's Have Some Fun

I’m sure that I’m starting to turn you on now, but I’m not done just yet. I offer all sorts of special services, too. I’ve done bachelor parties before and they’re so much fun. I love the feeling of knowing there’s a bunch of men watching me and knowing that they want me badly. If you want the two girl experience, I have some friends who are also Las Vegas escorts that I can invite over that we can have some really super sexy fun with. Whatever you need, I can provide it.

Most of all, I’m here to make you happy. I’m very much a giver and I love to please people, which is why working for an escort service is such a perfect job for me. Other Las Vegas escorts might be in it mostly for the money, but I love watching a man go to sleep satisfied with the way the night went wearing huge smile on his face. Knowing that you made someone happy is such an addictive high, and so I go to great lengths to please. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, if you know what I mean, then pick me out of all the escorts in Las Vegas. I promise that I’ll make you happy, because it’s what I love to do.