Wendy Does Not Want You To Be Lonely

She is smoking hot and wants you Ready to laugh and have a good time Her kissable skin will be in your dreams forever She may look young, but this Vegas call girl is experienced.

I Love Being A Las Vegas Escort

Well hello there, beautiful. I’m Wendy. I bet you’re getting seriously turned on watching me get all wet in my pictures. I know, I look super sexy in that wet t-shirt with my nipples sticking out. Well, before you get too excited, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m in the Las Vegas escort business and I’ve been working for this escort service for a while now. I am absolutely loving it. What’s not to like? I get to hang out with sexy guys all the time and laugh and have a good time, and then we go have some sexy fun alone in your hotel room. And I get paid, too!

I know I’ve got that young girl look, and I know what kind of man you are. If you’ve ever dreamed of having the time of your life with a much younger woman, I can fulfill your fantasy. My clients say I’ve just got that face that makes you smile. I’m experienced in all kinds of different roles (even BDSM) and know what to do to please you. I can take charge, or I can lay back and let you treat me like an expensive buffet. Above all else, I love to turn you on.

I'll Impress All Your Friends

Some Las Vegas escorts are all about the money, but I know that a good escort service girl has to be interesting and fun, because really it’s all about you. I love movies, reading good books and going to art galleries. I can be your arm candy and impress all your friends with my sexy looks and sharp wit. Trust me, when they see me they’ll be so jealous. I love to strip too, it’s actually my side job. If you want to bring friends over I can put on quite a show. Or I can bring the friends and we can have a great two girl experience.

There are a lot of escorts in Las Vegas, but the Vegas escort service that I work for is definitely the best. I know, because they’ve got me. All my clients tell me that they can’t stop thinking about me after I’m gone, and some even call me and tell me that it was the best trip they’ve ever been on. I think it’s because I work so hard to make sure you’re happy. I’m a people pleaser, and as I see it, I haven’t done my job unless you’re really, really pleased with every part of our time together. You can take a chance on another girl, or you can do the smart thing and call me. I’ll be your girlfriend, I’ll be your playmate, I’ll be your fantasy and I’ll be your chill pill for the weekend or however long it takes. My job is simply to make you happy. Don’t disappoint me baby. I want to see your handsome face soon.