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Zoey here! You know, there are a lot of Las Vegas escorts out there. In order to be successful, you have to have a niche, something that you’re good at. I think I found mine. Clients always tell me that being with me takes them back. They say that when they take a look at my cute face and perky breasts and sweet little pussy, they feel young and powerful again. I love that. I love making men happy and it makes me happy in return. Smiles!

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Of course, it doesn’t have to be all about indoor fun. When I’m not working at the escort service I love hiking and camping and the great outdoors. I love trying all kinds of different craft beers and wines. I love football too, and I try to go to a game in Cali whenever I can. Mostly I like anything that involves seeing or trying new things. I love meeting people and I want to meet all your friends and make them jealous over how hot and young your date is. Plus I can show you around town a little bit too. I know all the great spots for a date and I have a few tricks for getting past the long lines at clubs and casinos.

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