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How To Party In Vegas For NYE

wendy3 lve11You've psyched and ready for a night in Vegas and the best part is it is for the ringing in of the new year! If you have never been in the Sin City for New Year's Eve before, you are in for a time you'll be thinking about long after it draws to a close. Here are some ideas to help you experience the best of Las Vegas on this magical night.

Make Sure Your Plans Are Set In Stone

It is best to have reservations for almost everything you plan on doing while in Las Vegas on this busy, busy night. Since there are going to be thousands upon thousands of people in the city, having a hotel room is imperative. Make sure you also make reservations for any meals you plan on eating on this day and night as restaurants become booked weeks in advance. One fantastic way to spend your New Year's Eve is with an escort if you don't have a partner to share the night with. To be able to select the exact woman you want to spend time with, browse the profiles available on our site and put your request in NOW. This way you will have a better chance of meeting the date of your dreams.

Take To The Streets For Entertainment Of All Types

The Strip and Freemont Street are bustling with crowds on New Year's Eve. You'll want to get there early so you can enjoy the atmosphere. You'll be delighted to revel in the entertainment of all types including street performances, light shows, and of course, the firework shows seven hotels plan on lighting off as the year comes to an end. Freemont Street will have twelve bands performing. This is a ticketed affair so be sure to reserve your spot if you want to partake in the musical numbers. Bring your date out for food, drinks, and festivities!

Bring The Party Back To Your Place

When the fireworks are completed, you may want to stick around the street area for a bit as it takes a while for it to clear. Pop into a casino or grab a drink with your escort to pass the time. Then, head back to your hotel for the real party. Your date will make you come alive with the pampering she intends on providing to you. You'll have the opportunity for a striptease, a lap dance, a nude massage, or cuddling with the most beautiful woman you have ever laid eyes on. What happens behind closed doors will stay there. Your secret is safe and you'll enjoy fulfilling all the fantasies that you may have with the woman of your dreams.