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Veronica Plays Golf

veronica2 lve11I have never played golf in my life, but I always admired women who do so. They all seem so athletic and get into the intellectual portion of the game. I was asked to go and play golf at the Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas. This was such an opportunity for me! I learned I have a new hobby from my experience. Read on to learn about my date with a golf-loving client who lives in the area.

I Took The Job Happily

When I got the call from one of my favorite clients, I knew I would not turn him down no matter what he wanted to do. He is always very caring toward me, and we always have a blast. He asked me if I would like to meet up with him for a round of golf with him and a few of his coworkers. The coworkers were bringing along dates of their own, and everyone was going to be playing the game together. This sounded like it could be fun!

I Dressed For The Part

I knew that I had to look somewhat respectable for the date, simply because I did not know the people my client would be playing against. I did opt for a white short-skirted golf ensemble. I knew it showed off my legs and although it was sexy, it still covered everything that should be covered up. If I wanted to get frisky on the green, I could always give my client a sneak peek at what I had underneath when no one was looking. In fact, I did this very thing quite a few times!

We Spent Quality Time Together

Luckily, the couples split up as we walked the course, giving each other ample space so conversations could be had without others listening in. I was able to have some serious talks with my client about the game of golf, as well as what we wanted to do when the game was completely over. I made sure to give him some suggestions that I knew would be right up his alley. Upon doing so, he seemed to quicken his pace and want to get the game over with as soon as possible.

We Headed Back To His Place

We won the game! To celebrate our victory, we decided to stop at a restaurant with my client's coworkers and then have a nightcap by ourselves at my client's home. He has a very nice place in the suburbs of Vegas. I had packed a bag in advance because my client indicated that I would be sleeping over. We had some cocktails and got down to business. This means a sexy striptease, a dip in his hot tub together, and an invigorating massage for each of us. Pure bliss!